Volunteers Renovate Cedar Hollow Run Bridge

Visitors to Cedar Hollow Preserve will now can now complete the loop along Valley Creek and Cedar Hollow Run with greater security thanks to the hard work and skill of champion OLC volunteers Greg Sprissler, Bruce Shock and Steve Shock.  They teamed up with Preserve Manager Tim Magee and OLC VP Ray Clarke to replace one of the joists supporting the bridge over Cedar Hollow Run at its confluence with Valley Creek.

The bridge was built by Eagle Scout Jack Fields in 2010.  It consists of three 24 foot beams braced underneath and held together by the planks that form the top walking surface.  The bridge is shaded and subject to periodic flooding, so the beams and planks, even though pressure treated, are subject to rot.  The upstream joist was replaced a few years ago, and this year it was the turn of the center joist and a number of the top planks.

The team built the joists on site from 16 foot and 8 foot lengths of 2x10 beams they hauled down to the site.  The photographs show the team with the assembled joist on top of the bridge, and then, after the planks were removed, resting on its side on the right outer joist ready to be installed in place of the deteriorated joist on the left.  Tim and his hatchet were called into service to ensure a level surface for the back and knee-breaking work of installing the top boards.

The final photos show Greg, Tim and Ray with the finished bridge, looking as though they did all the work themselves, although it literally could not have been completed without the full team!

The Conservancy is grateful for all its volunteers, who do so much to sustain our precious open space and make it accessible for visitors to enjoy.