Spring and Summer Sightings in the Preserves

The Conservancy wildlife camera and Preserve visitors have captured a number of spring and summer denizens of the Preserves, shown in the attached photographs.

The camera was set up during the winter by a creekside trail in Valley Creek Preserve to capture the comings and goings of the pair of beavers that built a lodge on the bank of the creek further downstream. The beavers seemed to have moved on now, but were very busy during springtime nights cutting down and moving some large trees.

In recent days the camera has caught some daytime activity. Shown here are a pair of whitetail deer fawns and their mother, a good-looking great blue heron and a pair of foxes. The younger fawn nestled in the woods in the other photo was found by OLC Director and Valley Creek Preserve neighbor Art Blumenthal. Mom was probably off feeding and hoping that if anyone found the fawn it was not the coyote that was seen this spring making off with a groundhog!

Finally, Mac Wilson and Ray Clarke were inspecting a section of Diamond Rock Preserve and found what looked like fresh blood on some fallen logs. Closer inspection suggested that the bright red growth is a fungus, although a cursory internet search has not revealed its identity.

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